6 Versatile Operating Workstations with Operating Microscopes


Each workstation is equipped with an operating microscope with eye pieces for the trainee and an instructor. It also provides ergonomically designed surgeon’s chairs to simulate the real operating theatre and to facilitate correct posturing of both trainees and trainers. There are headholder, suction and ventilation. These are versatile training stations used for multiple tasks, including simulated microsurgical training and wet labs which involve animal parts.

3D Visual System connected to the instructor’s microscope


The workstation accommodates 3D visual system on ophthalmic microsurgery which allows trainers to share the same 3D perspective on the surgical field as the operating surgeon. 3D visualization of anatomical structures improves understanding of surgical maneuvers in relation to anatomical structures. The teaching material presented can also be more engaging for the spectators, raising the caliber of the teaching curriculum.

Phacoemulsification System


Each of the 6 workstations will be equipped with a CENTURION® phacoemulsification system. It provides control and improved efficiency during the minimally invasive cataract phacoemulsification procedure. The phacoemulsification system is the current model used in public hospitals. Trainees will learn to use the most up-to-date system and also enhance their experience and performance.

Eyesi® Ophthalmic Microsurgical Simulators


Eyesi® is the most realistic virtual reality ophthalmic surgery training device. The system offers state-of-the-art virtual reality simulations for trainee eye surgeons to perform simulated surgery for cataract extraction, vitreoretinal and macular diseases. The device’s hardware includes an interchangeable head on an adjustable platform, control pedals for phacoemulsification. Trainees can be trained under a better simulated environment with the up-to-date technique and instrument delivered.

Vitrectomy System with Intraocular Laser


The CONSTELLATION® vitrectomy system delivers an exceptional level of performance through its advanced technologies. The system allows the surgeon to modify duty cycle to control flow independent of vacuum and cut rate. This technology has been designed to optimize their surgical experience and patient outcomes.

Kitaro Artificial Eyes


KITARO Simulation kit is designed to replace pigs’ eyes which is a tool to teach Extracapsular Cataract Extraction Surgery (the non-phacoemulsification technique). It is a high-fidelity artificial eye which has gained popularity in many advanced surgical training centres including Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and Singapore National Eye Centre.

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