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Ophthalmic services in Pakistan

A delegation of 11 specialists of JSIEC ophthalmologists and nurses, led by Professor Zhang Mingzhi, Vice-Director (executive) of JSIEC, and the Xinjiang Health Planning Commission visited Pakistan to provide medical consultations. Apart from Director Zhang, Dr. Chen Haoyu, Associate Director, and Ms. Li Gonghui, Nursing Officer, also participated in supervision of the ophthalmic services.

Prior to this visit, Professor Zhang Mingzhi had conducted a study on the medical conditions and needs in Pakistan. Due to the tough environment in the distal area, the under-developed medical conditions and the difficulties in language, this service trip was expected to be extremely arduous. With devotion and determination, JSIEC colleagues, were in serious preparation.

This mission to Pakistan was officiated the Medical Department, Xinjiang Provincial Health and Planning Commission. This is the first time JSIEC colleagues went abroad for a medical mission. After nearly 36-hour travel, the team arrived at the Resident Hospital of Pakistan – Gilgit Regional General Hospital, receiving warm welcome by local government officials, medical staffs and citizens. This event was also widely reported in local media.

Upon arrival, the team started work immediately. Doctors, nurses and engineers re-arranged hundreds of boxes of equipment, medicines, and supplies donated by China. The Gilgit Regional General Hospital is a top hospital in Pakistan. Our Chinese team was honored to advise enhancement of the medical infrastructure, to help organizing the outpatient clinics and operating rooms, and to improve the service conditions. Our team also trained an ophthalmologist, the only qualified ophthalmologist in the entire region, on phacoemulsification cataract extraction, which will clear many patients with blinding cataract.

Professor Zhang Mingzhi became the first doctor to conduct cataract phacoemulsification in Pakistan. This was the first time that an international medical team to Gilgit. More than 300 local patients with eye diseases were treated and 125 eye surgeries were conducted. The Pakistani people are very friendly and grateful to the JSIEC expert team. The Chinese flag in each ward was waved.


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Ophthalmic services in Pakistan