Our Benefactors

Over the years, it has been a major blessing for us to have received very generous philanthropic donations from our community to support our clinical programmes, teaching and educational programmes, major research projects, as well as public education programmes totalling over HK$254 million, from over 180 donors. In 2018, we are very fortunate to have the precious opportunities to expand two of our key programmes, which are very likely to make lasting positive impact on Hong Kong Ophthalmology. We are exceedingly grateful to all organizations and individuals who have generously supported our programmes and initiatives through generous donations in our first 25 years.

Donations over of HKD 50 million or More

Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust

Donations over of HKD 20 million or More

The S H HO Foundation Ltd

Mr Peter & Mrs Nancy LEE

Donations over of HKD 10 million or More

Mr CHANG Bei Ming & Mrs CHANG PAO So Kok

Li Ka Shing (Canada) Foundation

Mr Lim Por-yen

Generous Donations of HK$5,000,000 or more

Mr LAI Seung Hung & Mrs LAI CHAN Pui Ngong Lam Woo Foundation Ltd
Dr MONG Man Wai William

Generous Donations of HK$1,000,000 or more

Dr CHENG Pak Man George Grace Well Holdings Ltd
Mr HO Siu Ki Ms LAM May
UBS Optimus Foundation

Generous Donations of HK$250,000 or more

Aim Corporation Limited Central Approach Limited
Fresh Mind Trading Limited Mr CHENG Vincent
Daniel & Co Dr FUNG Kwok Lun William
Kwan Fong Charitable Foundation Ltd Mr LEE Wing Kit
Next Journey Limited Mr NIEM Tony & Mrs NIEM Tina
Midas Properties Limited TK Lam Charitable Foundation
Dr TONG Pak Chuen Patrick Dr WOO Chi Pang Victor

Generous Donations of HK$100,000 or more

Mr CHAM Siu Luen Mr CHEN Feng Chih, Frank Ms CHIU Agnes, Oi Man
Hong Kong Federation of Societies for Prevention of Blindness Mr KWOK Raymond Mr LI Fook Hing
Mui’s Kamsing Garment Ltd Ms PAN Wan Ching Rebecca Shantou U Medical College
Mrs. WONG Ma Lin-Ying Angeline

Other Generous Donations

Bamk Mr William FAN McBarron Book Co Ltd
Dr Baum LAWRENCE Ms FONG Hon Ying Rebecca Mr MONG Hoi Keung
Mr Andrew CHAN Ms FUNG, Helen Ms MUI Nuen Tin
Mrs CHAN CHIU Wai Hang, Hatty Mr HSU Kar Yeung, Philip Dr NG Siu Chun, Danny
Prof CHAN Sun On Dr Vishal JHANJI Ms NG Pui Har
Dr CHAN Kar Mun Carmen Kit Shing Watch Company Limited Dr NG Tsz Kin
Dr CHAN Kin Yip Ms KUNG Chia Lung Mr Michael Derek PENDLETON
Mr CHAN Shui Lun Mr James KUNG Reich Pharm Limited
Mr CHAN Wai Man Mrs KUNG WOO Miu Chi Majorie Mr TANG King Shing
Dr CHEN Lijia Mr LAI Yuk Yau Timothy Prof TANG Shibo
Mr & Mrs CHENG William Man Chun Dr LAM Nai Man Ms TANG Wai Ching
Dr CHEUNG Yim Lui Prof Dennis LAM Ms TANG Wai Han, Kerry
Mr CHEUNG Chi Kwong Kent Dr TAM Sau Man Barbara Mr CHEUNG, Vincent Sai Sing
Dr Alan LEE & Mrs Gloria LEE Prof CHEUNG Yan Leung Stephen Dr Jacky LEE
Prof TO Chi Ho Mr Raymond K.F. CH'IEN Ms LEONG Ting Foon Shirley
Mr TO Lai Che, Patrick Dr CHI Chung Chai Mr LEUNG Kin Ping
Mrs Selina TSANG China Step International Enterprise Limited Dr LEUNG Tai Shing
Ms Louise TSO Mrs CHOI MA Oi Kuen Prof LEUNG Kai Shun Christopher
Prof WANG Chi Chiu Dr CHONG Kam Lung Mr WONG Hua-shui Philip
Ms CHOW Hei Ting, Margaret Dr Felix LI Dr WONG Shun Man Irene
Dr CHOY Kwong Wai Mrs June LI Dr WOO Chai Fong Donald
Mr George CHU Mr LIM See Wai Ms WOO Shuet Mui
Ms CHU Ha Fan Dr LIT Choi Wan, Lydia Mr Tommy WU
Dr CHU Wai Kit Ms Peggy LIU (Great Wealth Corporation Ltd) Dr YAM Cheuk Sing
ET Business College Mr Daniel SW LUI Dr YUEN Kwok Lai
Eye Care Charitable Foundation Ltd Mr Anthony LUN Dr FAN Shu Ping Dorothy
Mr Manoj MAHBOOBANI 夏麗珍女士 何鳳英女士

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