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50,000 audiences watched the JSIEC live full laser surgery online “Full Laser Surgery Opening Day”

JSIEC hosted the Full Laser Surgery Open Day on 9 December 2017. The event was broadcasted live on internet through TV channel STRTV. The 2-hour program included the full laser surgery demonstration and expert commentary. More than 50,000 audiences watched online and interacted in the online system. In addition, a large number of local citizens came to JSIEC to join this event at the scene.

Three types of mainstream surgeries were demonstrated: TransPRK surgery, femtosecond laser assisted LASIK surgery and femtosecond SMILE surgery, conducted by Dr. Zhang Riping and Dr. Li Yuyu, experts in laser and refractive surgeries at JSIEC.

During the surgical demonstrations, Q&A sessions with interactions between experts and audiences were held. The public had a great opportunity to have better understanding on the full laser surgery. The experts included Professor Zhang Mingzhi, Vice-Director (Executive) of JSIEC, Prof. Zhao Shaozhen, Vice-Director of the Eye Hospital of Tianjin Medical University, Prof. Sun Tong, Vice-Director (Business) of the Huaxia Eye Hospital Group and Prof. Wang Xiaoying, professor of the Eye, Nose and Throat Hospital of Fudan University, Shanghai.

It was the first time for this full laser surgery to broadcast to the public at the scene and through the Shantou TV channel APP. The surgery is deemed a safe, minimally invasive, and knifeless procedure, which has been approved by the FDA in USA. It is currently the most advanced refractive surgeries to correct refractive errors including myopia.

The operations of JSIEC are comprehensive and up-to-date at international standard. More than 20,000 refractive surgeries have been performed in JSIEC, in which more than 12,000 cases were full-laser surgeries. All these full-laser surgeries showed no concurrent symptoms, indicating a strong surgical team in JSIEC with advanced technology and confidence to perform these advanced surgical procedures.

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50,000 audiences watched the JSIEC live full laser surgery online “Full Laser Surgery Opening Day”