Doctors, medical students, nursing students, secondary school students and volunteers including retired people are recruited to serve in the programme at weekends. Certificate training courses and workshops on children eye care including technical skills in performing eye care investigations are provided. Unique and valuable volunteer working experience and basic eye care knowledge will be gained while offering help to our programme and participating in the 1,200 outreach visits to lower-income families.

For volunteer helpers :

They will have the opportunities to mutual interact with medical professionals and young generations.

For medical students and nursing students :

They will have clinical attachment experience in ophthalmology field for their career development. We would like to say 「thank you」 to all these medical students and nursing students who have contributed to this programme in 2018.

For secondary school students :

They will have volunteer working experience in our Centre during weekend clinics and the programme will be incorporated into their “Other Learning Experiences (OLE)” of the NSS Curriculum. These schools have supported our programme in 2018.

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